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Credit where credit is due, the president is maybe the greatest in the nation’s modern history, he has stature, shows leadership, patriotism, love of his people and others.. it is truly remarkable that a nation has the collective intelligence to choose the best candidate – and not the demagogue.. the president is in my mind one of the greatest humanitarians on earth… Now compare all that to the American President. Trump 2020. Did we see this on the news? Of course not, can’t make Trump look human. Only negative reports are allowed from the Democratic run media! The second term Trump presidency is going to be really Interesting. can’t wait… Thanks for that humanitarian aid.God bless you Mr. president. Why should we be spending our tax dollars in Lebanon. This is not right and should be allowed to happen we not not need that country for anything, I remember another bombing there that cost many Americans their lives. The corrupt government needs to be held responsible for this horrible crime they committed towards there people!!!!!The Lebanese people deserve better enough is enough. Go Trump! Your the only president I believe in let’s do this. How can anyone hate trump when even in the midst of everything that’s going on in America, he thinks about other countries as well and the help that they desperately need? God bless you President Trump. What will you haters think up to say about this great man joining with France and other nations to bring aid to these unfortunate people. I am quite sure you will make up something horrible to say about our President.