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Starry night – Mary Poppins poster

Starry night - Mary Poppins poster 1

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For god sake have some people nothing better to do. Leave Mary Poppins alone. Stop looking for things that aren’t there. Well apart from in the eyes of trouble maker. These ppl have nothing else to do but sit around & make things up… REALLY! Mary Poppins is the farthest from racial any movie could be. These idiots need to find something else to do with their time. Some people really need to find another hobby. I’m sure if you dedicate your life to looking for racism you’ll eventually find it anywhere. With no chil labor laws, babies who could fit down the chimneys had their legs tied and dropped head first. Flailing arms loosened the soot so it could be cleaned. I’m sure they had sooty faces too. Pick your battles.

I’m the devil’s paralegal bucking for promotion to devil’s advocate, and I even know this is quite a stretch.  I give them points for creativity. Seriously, it feels like the world has reached a point where people are inventing new and ever more ridiculous reasons to be offended. I’m off to watch Mary Poppins now. Get a life! If people didn’t pick on such stupid things maybe they could concentrate on fixing bigger things! Sometimes some people just have to find a reason to stir the pot. In this case they really had to dig deep. I’m thinking this movie had Chimney Sweepers in it. If anyone has not cleaned a wood burning fireplace, try it. Stop the race card. This move is a classic. Everything today is now either offensive or racism. Stop taking things out of context. Oddly enough, this particular “race card” was played by a white guy. Anyone who claims to agree with this man’s assessment is lying through their teeth.