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Why this US election is so important for all people around the world? All world is always looking with a big interest who is going to be next leader of free world and democracy.

  • For a very long time we did not have a leader who was a peacemaker and focusing on economy such is President Trump. His re-election in 2020 became even more important because of COVID-19 and recession signs. Nor all situation around fraud votes if Trump does not win will set democracy back and encourage countries around the world to do same. Without Trump world will become very unstable and unsafe.
  • This election is so important because if President Trump wins he’s going to blow the lid off of some things that will put a lot of people in prison for a very long time. The Democrats are trying to cover it up since they lost the election in 2016 and are scrambling. Along with the fact all of Trump’s foreign policy changes. Democrats are extremely worried
  • Congress is full of evil. The past four years They’ve done nothing but waste time and taxpayer money. Now, they’ve illegally stolen an election. Dead people and illegals do NOT get to vote. Also, people do NOT get to vote more than once. They plan to raise taxes and take our freedoms. Democrats are criminals and traitors. Trump did a great job. Best president in many decades.

Funny how when the majority of Americans were asleep..one candidate steadily gained ground. The candidate that ran for President 3 times that nobody wanted. The candidate that couldn’t get a Democrat nomination in 47 years, and his running mate, who was so far down in the polls she dropped out before the first democrat primary.

Now we’re supposed to believe those two people received more votes by the MILLIONS than any other Presidential ticket in American history, while he campaigned, teleprompter and in the basement, suddenly he is more popular than Barack Obama. YEAH RIGHT! Count ALL LEGAL VOTES and Trump has this. As of now, “The devil went down to Georgia, he was looking for the votes to steal”.

This president has proven his courage and endurance over and over. He will not give up or give in. This is another coup attempt and all involved will be spending years in prison. President Trump won the election by a landslide and Americans will NOT have their victory stolen from them. And yes, we know how extremely important it is to all the world that Trump stay in office – and he will.

Starry Night With Godzilla Poster

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