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Stay your story is not over semicolon shirt, tank top, hoodie

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I died in childbirth. I suffer from PTSD anxiety and depression. I have attempted suicide twice. I got my semicolon in August I’m trying to understand this. Do you get this tattoo if you’re struggling with suicidal thoughts or do you get it as a symbol to those struggling that you’re willing to help? Just doesn’t make sense to me.

  • Sorry if this bothers u guys for saying this but I don’t think no tattoo or what ever u call it is not going to help anyone n anyway come on I have 12 tattoos they have meaning but they don’t help me just bring up my memories…. It’s just another lil trend that’s going around for the moment that will die down n a couple months.
  • I know everybody has struggles in life but i think sharing your story on line in a book better way of helping others to understand your true story the tattoo doesnt really help anyone unless you believe it helped you being a witness to help others thru their struggles is best mark you can leave on others and your own heart..
  • To each their own,no reason for name calling! I love the tattoo,I have it & unless you have lost someone to suicide you don’t understand. Also if it helps someone ,why not? People are so ready to judge !!!

The one thing and the only person that’s gonna heal anyone is the lord Jesus Christ.yes,the mark of the beast as we all no is 666 but there is alot more out there too that is what makes anyone think that isn’t who truly truly knows that isn’t a mark of the beast. People only no what there told that’s it.

Wow such negative remarks for me it stands for my life isn’t over yet no matter my past struggles have been or where I am going I choose to keep going I wont let the depression the ptsd the anxiety rule my life my councelors actually liked the idea of it and it ain’t for everybody and no a tattoo isn’t gonna fix ur problems but when u see one have compassion for that person or just be nice cause u never knw where there life has brought them from

Stay your story is not over semicolon shirt, tank top, hoodie