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I feel your pain! Education is KEY. Where you live depends on the quality of education available. Absolutely! My children are all adults now, but I remember that constant tug of “am I offering them the best I possibly can”. We’ve experienced public school and private school. The bottom line is, always doing in your heart and mind what feels right for your children. It’s a very tough call. I was with you and am lucky good charter schools were a choice. But it got where one of my kids was being bullied and threatened if he didn’t allow other kids to cheat off him on tests and that was it for me. My kid still says he learned a lot from that, but the move was the best thing I ever did for him. I work in early childhood special education as an occupational therapist. Sadly, we see this daily. The children talk and act how they are raised. It is a vicious cycle that has been getting worse each year. What I saw 35 years ago as a new therapist was so much better than what I see now. I should also say that many of these children experience trauma of some kind or other…whether it is seeing a loved one beaten or witnessing a shooting or being verbally abused. When a child experiences trauma, the make up of their brain changes.

We are just recently becoming more aware of it. However, many times, we do not know the nature of the trauma. It is very sad. So discouraging! I know your sweet boys will rise to the occasion and show the other kids how to have respect for themselves and others! You’ve taught them well! And you’ll continue to do what you do for all your kiddos and make informed and thoughtful decisions for what’s best for them! It’s our mom-job!