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I actually cried listening to the summit speakers including Boris, my heart sank at the disgusting behaviour displayed by so called leaders and the gall of Gates. How do any of them look their children in the eyes at night that they’ve done good. I’m afraid he will never be a patch on Churchill, who was for his country and citizens, Boris is prepared to sell it all down the line to the worlds’ worse dominaters, all about ££££ ! Very sad , and shameful. All these Corrupt Bast*rds need a lethal vaccine.
I’m sick to death of these Luciferian mofos, we needs teams like the Expendables now to protect the people! I despair – Growing up in Africa I was always taught how Britain stood against the evil in the world, yet sadly the majority have rolled over without as much as a whimper …… I can’t see much chance of a rebellion taking place any time soon & fear that worse is to come. You can’t stop it. They’re too powerful, have too much money and influence. You won’t get enough people behind you to make a difference. A big part of me thinks just to forget the lot and enjoy my life instead of stressing over this stuff that I have no control over. By the time you have another 100 people agreeing with you about all of this you’ll of wished you had spent the time more wisely! Boris such a stupid and easy manipulated man, without common sense. He is controlled by bill and Melinda gate who are after control and madness.