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Stop staring at my cock face mask

Stop staring at my cock face mask

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Sharon Ott who tf is Dr. Brix? Why do you dismiss the most qualified pandemic scientists/ doctor and listen to this Dr. Brix? Because he says what Trump wants you to hear? Oh is Dr. Brix that long haired hippy that Trump claimed was his personal physician? Trump is a good one to tell us the Truth. Baaah baaah! I would rather have a man who listens to his educated staff than a one who goes against everything that his educated staff tells him because “He” knows better than everyone else. I wonder about a man who fires everyone who disagrees with them. I am surprised he hasn’t fired everyone besides his family and just refused to replace them so he can rule the country like a King. shall we compare Biden’s faux pas to Trumps lies? One is a mistake but Trump out and out lies to you on purpose because he knows you won’t question his lies. You believe what he and Fuax News tell you is true. Sheep he has already had a recorded agitated episode, he even wanted to go out into a parking lot and fight somebody!! He needs to be helped and his family is just cruel for allowing this to continue. that is such a stupid comment. Let’s see at 74 you put on a silk dress salute 600 times continually in the blazing sun for a couple hours then carefully lift a glass with aching arms trying not to spill on your silk dress to your parched lips, then with slippery leather soles on your shoes walk down a ramp! Such a judge mental bitch to find that humorous! I wouldn’t. No reason to. Just let trump talk he’s killing himself. Polls are dropping like a rock. And you can call them fake polls are you want polls are usually right. There are outliers like the 2016 election. But there’s a reason politicians use them every election.