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Strange women lying in ponds distributing swords 2020 shirt, tank top, hoodie

Strange women lying in ponds distributing swords 2020 Hoodie

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I think that is the point…we don’t see it. I know one person who got sick in a nursing home in GA, and he has since recovered. I follow all the guidelines and wear masks in public places, but it’s hard to believe something you don’t see happening. I am not justifying it, it’s just how people are. I am high risk because I have asthma, so I am more cautious. My mother also works in a nursing home, so we haven’t been seeing her, which really stinks. But like Adrian, I don’t think the rules are being fairly applied, and I can empathize with the school situation. Lord help us all if schools aren’t opened–our family will come up with another solution because we can’t do this again. Singh Yeah, see these are the stories we need to know. It just feels like it’s overblown when we aren’t seeing this in our own cities and towns, even if it isn’t. I know the precautions our state has taken is probably are large reason why. Having a 3yo, someone in our house is usually sick every couple of weeks. That hasn’t happened at all since social distancing, which to me means it has merit. The fact is that in NC the number of positive Covid patients, hospitalizations and deaths keep Increasing ! When Dr Mandy Cohen says our numbers are concerning- that means we need to be more diligent- especially if we want schools to be safe to open in the fall. why don’t you talk to my friend who’s a nurse in NY. She’s had to be the last person to FaceTime families with all of her dying patients. YOU have no idea because you probably haven’t been directly impacted by the virus, so you have no right to say what your saying.