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So wait. Are you saying that the dominant narrative that FEE mentioned is a fallacy? Because that’s exactly the point of the article. Lol. FEE is not setting up the narrative, they are refuting it. Well, I thought I would help you out by letting you choose an industry you feel confident arguing for… but if you just want to go around in circles, ok—we can stop any time you want.
You said you had looked all over and could not find evidence of exploitation in any industry. I asked you what industry you know something about and you declined to offer any, which indicates to me that you either don’t know anything about anything, or you really haven’t looked and are just parroting something you heard. no. I am saying that both the “dominant narrative” and FEE’s purported refutation of it rely on the same false dichotomy—that an entity is either productive to society or exploitative and tyrannical, but not both. so are you saying then, that you agree with me that there is nothing misguided or troubling for the future of prosperity and human progress in the assertion that highly productive capitalist entities are also frequently exploitative and tyrannical? why don’t you give a f’ing example instead of just annoyingly repeating yourself over and over. What industries are you wringing your hands over being exploitative? How does the exploitation occur? Put up or shut up. Your vague, shrill rant is just an irritant As the article says, the NARRATIVE is deeply troubling. The narrative is what presents the false dichotomy that billionaires cannot be beneficial and tyrants at the same time. That idea is the danger. That’s what the article says, from what I can tell.