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She has no credibility she hates this country she doing nothing about the lawlessness in her own city Newyork how in the hell she can stand there say I want to help the people in my district, with jobs and a better way of life. Volunteering urine ??? Seriously?? Grown men and women speaking like this??? It’s appalling! You can have apposing views about someone and not be so disgusting. My 8 year old doesn’t even speak like that. Wow…such classy gentlemen so glad they set such great examples for this country….NOT!!…funny how people can say nasty things about her…yet say nothing about what those morons said….double standards hard at work once again. She deserves respect like any human being, but to call her intelligent is a stretch. Her remarks are always ignorant. She said that people was looting because they were hungry. People are looting because they are tugs that are looking for easy money. Insanity everywhere . All school and other sports cancelled for six weeks. Glad it’s not my sons senior year! However, I will say that a lot of the kids are really happy that they’re getting out of school for six weeks, even at the cost of their school sport. That’s too bad. our district is not able to do digital learning because of our demographics—federal way. They are mailing lesson packets but I don’t think it will be mandatory. Fw has a lot of kids with broken homes…..and no parents paying attention to there kids success in school. There is nothing I miss more than watching my three participate in the sports they loved and dedicated themselves to, I can’t imagine the heartbreak of seniors and their parents that have to abruptly say goodbye to these most wonderful of times. My a double s would have benefited from a little less bleacher butt, but my heart would be broken. I selfishly hadn’t even thought of the seniors until I read this. So heartbreaking. I’m going to miss the bleachers and sidelines for sure, but I will definitely be thinking of and praying for the hearts of those seniors and their families.