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You are my sunshine sunflower Jack Skellington face mask

You are my sunshine sunflower Jack Skellington face mask

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Hasn’t Florida been caught lying about covid numbers?!? I’m sure these numbers are WAYYY off. COVID-19 hospitalization rate is 120.9 per 100,000, with the highest rates in people aged 65 years and older. those numbers are from the CDC, which we also know they exaggerate numbers as well. it’s weird that we didnt have an update EVERY TIME someone got sick before covid… Just trying to spread fear and control the inevitable. You cite the cdc but claim they are lying, too. You, someone, with your hs degree have the correct figures. lol We didn’t have updates before because there was nothing to give an update on, since there was no virus. Good lord, the ignorance. How on earth would it be possible to have a count on how many people get sick everyday? Where do folks come up with this nonsense? When you get sick, do you report it somewhere? I don’t call anyone ignorant because they did not go to college. i call them ignorant when they make fake claims and claim to know more than scientists, despite having a hs diploma. why don’t u try moving to Florida and leave here if u don’t like it . My brother lives there so I know for a fact how bad it is so why don’t u take your conspiracy theories and ur hoax nonsense on somewhere . More and more is getting tired of u people and not hearing it nonsense because most know someone that is died or suffering from covid . So u people just look stupid. For what purpose? What is the end game here in falsifying numbers? What governor would want high numbers that would cripple their state’s economy? How does that even work in your brain?? I’m really curious what kind of mental gymnastics one has to do to get to these crazy conspiracy theories. Just wear your mask real tight and hush. Some y’all need a master class in critical thinking.