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Woke up to the news of Chadwick Boseman’s passing and I am very shocked. Yes because he died but even more because he endured all that pain and stress in a Blockbuster movie despite the fact that he was probably going through a whole lot of pain with Cancer! And he did not stop! He went on to act another movie.

  • I am really sad that it all ended just when when he was just getting to the height of his career if he hadn’t even just hit it. Yet another pain 2020 brought with it amidst all that everyone is coping with! Honestly I am really pained but glad that you left a mark as the first Black Marvel superhero who gave young kids someone to look up to before you left.
  • Despite my sadness though I am in awe! The real lesson here for me is if he could do all that while going through Cancer then honestly, what is a little back pain. I am really really REALLY inspired by this. Let me get back to work abeg! I am all gingered up!
  • It was shocking story for me this morning when I heard it. I remember I saw one of his movies 21Bridges and I was telling my brother that he looked not well….never knew he had serious cancer and he was still shooting a movie with it.

This scene was so perfect. The whole season was great and really emphasized the bond they all have with each other but this scene was the payoff of all the little threads and moments and it was perfect.

I loved this scene. It was really beautiful to see the whole family supporting Vanya and having her back, especially after she was so open and vulnerable asking for their help. This season was amazing. Fantastic character arcs for each of them. It’s not about powers; it’s about family and choices and love….and then powers. Want to do some nitrous?

Superhero Dad blanket