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Becky Shifman What I don’t understand is why we keep splitting people up into groups with special rights and protections. Don’t we already have laws that protect all of us already? Precisely Becky. Well put. We do have laws protecting us already. These ‘section’ additions either showboating or claiming ‘preferential’ rights. And why use ‘Q’ (Queer)? Is that in the act’s wording? I am astounded that any legislative act should describe anyone as ‘Queer’. because in the US sexual any employer could fire you just because of who you have sex with. Weird, no? They can’t fire you for being a jew, a woman, or black….but if they find out you are a dude that sleeps with dudes…oh boy! BeckyShifman in that case we need to split us onto many groups with special rights. It all comes down to respect each other no matter what the other person’s believes or appearances or what they do in private. I’m not. If she is on Facebook, then she has.the time to educate her self. Those of us who have lived it our whole lives and have tried to explain and educate for years are to tired to listen to this kind of crap from someone perfectly capable of educating themselves, it’s their responsibility. No. You wouldnt get fired due to your sexual preference of small animals. That people would get fired over their personal well being is a very slimmest of slim reasoning. Back when our Constitution was written (& in older years when many state laws were written) there were no trans people & most gay people hid it. So it was not addressed in that document! Society, science, religion, & laws are always changing. When our 50 states have numerous laws regarding the rights of people then its the responsibility of our top Supreme Court to step in. I am glad this time they made the right decision!