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In about 1989 I attended Rick’s Europe Through The Back Door talk at the Experimental College in Seattle and it changed my travel life forever. I’ve traveled independently, taken language and art classes abroad, traveled with Rick’s tours. I retired from teaching recently and planned on traveling off season for the first time. These little virtual visits are bittersweet indeed.

  • Hi Missa, Wow 31 years as travel buddies. Here’s to more good travels…in a lively retirement and even off season. I read the new book as soon as it was out and I loved it…reminders of places traveled and dreams of visits to places unknown…some really good ideas in it too…Thanks Rick for sharing.
  • Hope you and your family are doing well… I just recently saw a video of you playing the blues on your piano… really nice! Look forward to seeing your shows post Covid. We’ve been enjoying them and your travel knowledge for years.
  • Nazare is where I spent my summers while growing up. After coming to Canada I would return there in the summer so it is only fitting that is where I met Armando (who was from Montreal). We try to go back every summer. I wish Rick Steves would highlight Corsica. It was such an amazing trip there w history, culture, and varied landscapes. Perhaps, it’s better that less people know about it. I’ve traveled a lot throughout Europe and Corsica was one of my favs!

I am so enjoying the new book, FOR THE LOVE OF EUROPE. Just finished Rick’s ‘Pedaling Through Amsterdam’ story. His descriptive writing makes me feel as though I’m pedaling right along with him! Great read! Portugal was last years trip, loved it! I can see, in the picture, where we had lunch in Nazare. So easy driving around, friendly people, good wine, lovely port, delicious food and beautiful scenery!

Thanks for bringing this little town to life in my mind. You have done that with so many quaint places in your “For the Love of Europe”. Your enthusiasm for travel, and Europe in particular, is contagious!

Surfing Put Something Exciting Between Your Legs Poster

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