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Swimming The Ocean is calling and i must go poster

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Thank you so much. It’s been a tough time and tough life for me and then I saw this vid in an exhausting afternoon, really cheered me up a bit. God bless them. Oh my gosh this made me cry!!!my heart goes out for this poor dog of what he had been through but thanks to this person that gave him a wonderful happy life now. I have black version of him and he’s our baby good boy and I can’t imagine him go through this.

  • Bless his sweet little soul, and bless the kind souls who rescued him. Those big sad eyes were heartbreaking, but he sure looks happy by the end of the video. absolutely loved this story & so happy for this dog & his new wonderful, loving, warm & safe home. Thank You for rescuing him & taking such good care of him & he loves his new Dad very much
  •  He will find someone nice. The ladies love people who are so loving and compassionate to animals. Glad he someone so special in his life now…. A dog is really blessing to have they bring so much joy and happiness to us, I’m so glad this doggy was saved by a angel who is now his father… May their journey together be everlasting, God bless this family
  • Thank you so much for rescuing him from the water. That was his first part of the rescue, love, treatments, love, vaccinations if needed, love, rest, then locate his family (to first find out if they are responsible people). If no one come to look for him, then he can go up for adoption.

I’m so happy this dog has found his furever home and the Love he deserves. So thankful for this guy for saving this dog and showing him Love. I can’t even imagine how this dog got all the way out there and rather not try to cause everything that comes to mind is  but I do know there are alot of heartless and cruel people out there in this world. I’m just happy he survived the ordeal and was able to find his and get him the Loving home he deserves!

It warms my heart that this guy rescued and adopted this precious baby ! This dog had the strong will to live holding in as long as he did to the off shore drilling rig!

Swimming The Ocean is calling and i must go poster