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Teenage Mutant Killer Turtles hoodie

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I grew up close to the Dutch border and we’d take bus trips over there a lot. I love the Netherlands but not Amsterdam. The Red Light District is a haven for sex traffickers, even after 2000 when the reforms took place. I wouldn’t call it… Quaint. Rick – I found it notable that for all of the planning and expectation of encountering more liberal drug/vice culture or attitudes than I’d already experienced in Amsterdam, my family trip there with our teenager proved rather uneventful in the shock value. Despite touching down in the middle of Pride Week last summer and passing the well known ‘districts’ and coffee shops, none of the uneasy elements I might have expected to have to explain to our kid ever reared their head. All fun, easy going, accessible and beautiful. Enjoyed ADam even more than my many times prior. Even had my lost wallet (at the busy Waterlooplein Station) returned to me by someone with the good nature and determination to find me on the internet and send me an email to arrange the return. I could use some about now. Got an email from Iceland Air this morning with the latest (fourth) cancellation and re-route for my holiday. I leave Friday. Now, instead of my nice, non-stop to Reykjavik I get….SEA, SFO, CPH, KEF. I’m already routed through OSL to DUB to visit friends from there and to get home I’m DUB, KEF, BOS, SEA. Oy, Vey! I have asked Rick Steves to do some research and change his mind about “sex work”. We must do what we can to End Human Trafficking!