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Thank You Undertaker 1984-2020 shirt, hoodie, tank top

Thank You Undertaker 1984-2020 hoodie

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Mission Presidents and Area Presidents have had the discretion to adapt based on specific circumstances for some time. Perhaps this is to formalise a wider range of options so that takes that ‘burden’ from their shoulders. My brother served a life time ago in Puerto Rico and was hospitalized due to sun poisoning and sent home. After that they changed some things like hats, short sleeves & ties. It’s as much a part for health as looks. If anyone wants to see examples of how this has already been going on, take a look at my profile picture. That was taken with my district on the day I was going home. I will be honest. Nothing against you, but if you came to me looking like that, looking to convert me, I would have walked in the opposite direction. it’s about cultural sensitivity. In these countries standing out isn’t culturally sensitive. They are more likely to respect you, and hence listen to you, if you don’t stand out by your appearance. as I said earlier. It looks sloppy. Ill thought out. Like the young man crawled out of bed and threw it on as an afterthought. I get what your saying, but the missionaries are setting a church wide, international standard. I would still be happier with a polo shirt of modest choosing versus an button down shirt with no tie. my experience is also that you can wear a white shirt and tie and still look like you have just jumped out of bed. Additionally, white shirts are notoriously difficult to keep white in a country with dirt and/or dirty roads, and in a tropical climate, especially in the wet season.