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That’s what I do I ride horses I drink and I know things poster

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Donnie Yen really take good care of his family and health at the same time so I am very impressed. I am lucky can watch most of his action movies. I am your greatest fan all time. Love you

  • Looking great! Can see you put in really lots of hard work into maintenance! As we aged it is so easy to be overweight and flappy! To be able to really follow a strict diet and constant work out takes lots of patient and self control! Especially if one had became rich and famous it is even easier to lost control!
  • So excited that I get to watch a different Donnie movie every day ! The first one Painted skin, then one of my favorites, Dragon. In love all over again. Thanks for the awesome entertainment!!
  • Thank u Mr Yen. Havin some green tea to start the day. Looking forward to eating healthy as usual and getting some martial art training in. Donnie Yen will one day go down as the biggest martial arts movie star ever! Bigger than Bruce Lee! Bigger than Jackie Chan!

Last night I enjoyed your latest Movie Ip Man 4. I am very impressed and sad because the ending nearly made me cry. I really don’t want to lose Ip Man for ever. I have an idea that you could start a new film about Ip Man’s son and Bruce Lee work together to fight with the devil. I think this subject will be very attractive and fresh and will be welcome by the fans of Ip Man and Bruce Lee all over the world. You must succeed.

Today my relative passed away with covid at his 41 years old In 20 days the second wave is infecting faster people in Cali Colombia daily 300 cases. Same here in Singapore ! People only think shopping and don’t understand more than a virus is an apocalyptic time !

Dude looks better than most 30 year olds men,crazy, donny yen keep doing the job and films that master Bruce couldn’t not finish, get together with his daughter and Bruce wife and make an even amazingly film about Brandon lee.

That’s what I do I ride horses I drink and I know things poster