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God bless you … we know the truth. hit pieces mean nothing but only show people for who they are. such dark hearts. it must be terrible to be them. thank you for all you do and how much you deeply care for all of us.

  • Mr President for taking care of our veterans. My own Navy father fought at Saipan. My father in law was at Pearl Harbor & later Kula Gulf. My husband was a US Marine, so was my daughter & still my son in law. We all appreciate what you have done for the military. Those angels are helping to protect us all, especially you.
  • This is awesome thank you President Trump for showing everyone how much you love our soldiers and I love how he said they were angels that God created and now they are angels once again. We love our Heros.
  • I thank you for all you do for this country. I wished we had a leader like you in vietnam. I lost my husband in that war and ifee! That it was ashame of what was running this country then. This country is so luck to have you.i thank you for your strength your compassion and your love of God.

Gives me chills, what a great speech!, and yes they are all angels who keeps protecting us even in heaven. Heroes forever! Yes My God bless evey single one of you.My Dad died but he fought in the Korean and Vietnam. My Dad was the best.Love all of you.

Awesome tribute to our military alive and fallen! Your heart shows through your chest when it comes to our military! God Bless you, military, families of the fallen!  Makes one very humble and so appreciative that so many gave Their Lives so we may stay safe on homeland soil.

Deeply thrilling! May all those falled fighting under this magnificent flag, rest in peace and may all the families found in God the force to continue your lives also in peace! One of the things I have always loved visiting America is the it sea world and Disney as a kid or even bass Pro in Vegas at the start of this year love the fact I walked in to bass Pro and someone sang the national anthem the difference is this year not everyone respected it by just taking the time to stop and stand not much to ask is it when you think of the soldiers all over the world who have died for our freedom.god bless all those who served,have lost a few good friends along the way

The best things in life mess up your hair Jeep shirt , hoodie, tank top