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The Golden Girls – Savage Classy Bougie Ratchet shirt, tank top, hoodie

The Golden Girls - Savage Classy Bougie Ratchet Hoodie

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Johnny Jackson Not likely, learn your history. KKK started by the Democrates. You should rent “Hillary’s American”. It’s out on DVD and in the Red Box. Maybe you will learn something valuable. Lisa Gilliam I just can’t believe how easily deceived you Trump fans are. I assume it’s because you are low information voters. Either you can’t be bothered to fact check, don’t know how, or only check right wing conspiracy theory so called news. News illiterate in other words. Sandrine LaPointe there are laws limiting how much money from donors end up in a campaign. Funneling DNC funds filled by the same maxed out donors for Hillary’s campaign IS breaking the donor limit laws. It was done on such a massive scale, it has law enforcement scratching their heads on how to prosecute such immense skirting of donor law!

Gary Blevins I’m saying she broke the law in such a way that there is not a law created yet to enforce it. Basically, she did something so corrupt, they will make a law against it because of how corrupt it is. It’s sad that Hillary’s only real accomplishment in 30 years has been evading prosecution. Gary Blevins she moved money to her campaign that would put many of her donors over the limit in contributions. The donors did not decide this, but would be themselves prosecutable by law. But since Hillary made the transaction, they would get off of the charges because they didn’t move the money themselves. There is no law to protect against Hillary putting her donors in harms way. So, technically, no she didn’t commit a crime, even though she did something that would be a prosecutable crime for many of her donors.
You tell me if she is a candidate trustworthy enough to vote for if she’d risk her own donors to get ahead. Gary Blevins good luck with that if she is elected. Floods of immigrants will drive down our wages, severely reduce jobs, destroy the middle class which will defund welfare, Medicare and social security, skyrocket our national debt, destroy farming with her inheritance tax and hand it over to elitist/gov’t control, making us entirely dependent on government for survival while elites get richer off of our slave labor wages.