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I’m not here to defend any politician for what they have done in their private or personal lives. You certainly are entitled to your opinion. He happened to run against a large field of both Republicans and the Democrats in 2016, all of whom had many years of experience in government, and he beat them all. Good chance there will be a repeat in 2020. If he’s unqualified I guess that doesn’t say much about the rest of them. it’s not about his chronological age it is about the fact that Biden has been in government his entire adult life. He is part of a broken system and many would say had a hand in breaking it. But now we are supposed to believe he has the answers to move then country forward? While similar in age to Trump one has only been in government for 3.5 years. John Dykas Doesn’t say much for the voters, the electoral college or the security of our election system. It says tons about the power of social media and targeted propaganda sent by Russian troll farms to old fools in over represented flyover states. Same here! Maine strict lockdown till June and even then much is still going to be restricted and THEN they said no timeline on when all restrictions will be lifted! We’re now being completely controlled by the media and government. President, please check that the former President of the Democratic Party, Obama’s nationality, he is a non-U.S. Citizen, participated in two presidential elections, the Democratic Party is finished.
The presidential election process has been reduced to a farce, and the Democratic nomination was apparently stolen by the old-fashioned and corrupt Joe Biden. Here is an example of his nonsense: “If you want to nominate a Democrat, a lifetime Democrat, a proud Democrat, and an Obama Democrat, then join us. ”
If you are interested, you can go to Google Books to buy e-books and read the title “Haihua Prophecy” to sour Democrats.