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The Mandalorian This is the way face mask

The Mandalorian This is the way face mask 1

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I hope you are correct in what you are saying here. I am a Type I diabetic for over 45 years and what has happened to the price of insulin in the past 10 years is criminal. I basically pay a second mortgage on a monthly basis just to pay for my insulin. I am for the free market and do not like dictating prices to industries. However, this was/is necessary.  I totally agree! ….and hospitals should be regulated too for example: I took my wife to the ER a few years ago and they charged her $4.00 for 2 Tylenol tabs ! ….Hey, we all can buy a whole bottle of Tylenol in a local pharmacy for this amount of money!…Health care in America has become a joke. This is a good action the President’s taken. But why don’t our American pharmaceutical companies make our medicines more reasonably priced …seems like some of them gouge us…we shouldn’t have to purchase meds from foreign manufacturers. Crucial meds should be available to all in our nation. My 17 year old son has told us that he’s concerned about what to study in college so that he can get a good high paying job so he can afford his insulin one day. We have been lobbying for this for a long time, and as his mom I am overjoyed to see this! We have been coming to DC for 4 years to speak to senators and house leaders about this and I feel like our efforts have finally paid off. it blows my mind that medicine that costs a few pennies a pill are sold for thousands of dollars..corruption at our elderly expense..i lost my health insurance due to Obama ridiculous rules..i had 5 1 son was a severe asthmatic… 7 different medications to keep him breathing.. $4500 a month without insurance.. I started getting meds thru Canada. Exact same meds… 3 months supply $380…