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I love you to the moon and back dog personalized fleece blanket

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Happy birthday to your son Sir.. Praying for him is always healthy and strong like u.. He’s lucky to have u as a father.. May the Lord always upon u both. With your guidance and love, Caesar, he will become the best version of himself. You are an amazing father, teacher, and lifestyle leader, we are all grateful for your gifts.

  • I love how you have taught your kids to respect Mother Nature. May the good Lord continue to bless and guide you Cesar. And happy birthday to your lovely son!
  • You have a very wise father. I have followed his teachings for years. The universe has no end therefore your father’s love will never end! Happy birthday to your son! With such a nice caring father your son could not become someone else as being nice and kind.
  • Happy birthday to you …hope that you will follow your daddy’s step because this guy makes us love more dogs each day… being ascertive and keeping a positive attitude!!  What a beautiful family. What a blessing that he is following the footsteps of one of the most compassionate, loving, respectful and intuitive men.
  • Happy birthday to your son, greetings being sent all the way from Malaysia. Pray that you have the same heart and soul, if not bigger, like your father towards the animals that come on Earth. Let not one be subjected to the cruelty of Man. Pray that you protect each one of them, too.

o wherever the universe ends.” I hope this doesn’t mean that you don’t believe in God. It would break my heart to think that you would not spend eternity in Heaven. You are such a kind and wonderful man, I just pray that Jesus is your Savior—-that way you KNOW where the universe ends—-in Heaven! My love to you, Cesar

What a heart warming birthday wish by a doting father! Happy birthday Champ/Andre…you are gaining ground..a path so laid down by your Papa Cesar…God bless you

Best wishes Andre and happy birthday. Your spirit does come through as I watch you speak. I can tell you are listening to your inner spirit when you are with animals. Very important to listen to nature and your spirit. God bless!

I love you to the moon and back dog personalized fleece blanket