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I love you to the moon and back dog personalized fleece blanket

I love you to the moon and back dog personalized fleece blanket

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I love you but if you truly think that about a mask you’re wrong. These masks in the long run will be causing more physical and mental problems than you know. Right now my son who is special needs is being discriminated against at his job because he can’t wear the masks so now he’s sick from the masks and if he doesn’t wear it he’s fired and they know he’s special needs doesn’t sound so patriotic now does it? The man who arrogantly refers to himself as “your favorite president” [that’s delusional talk to feed his narcissism] is directly responsible for this beating and the beatings, gassing and kidnapping of other protestors, who are doing nothing illegal. They were not caught in the act of defacing, destroying or damaging federal property, which is “supposedly” why they are there. Yes, there are instigators and some who are committing crimes, but they do not represent the majority who are peaceful and have the absolute right to protest. Why are you still playing along with this bullshit? I’d really like to know. You need to stop allowing yourself to be goaded into this nonsense. People with critical thinking skills have understood for a long time that this is a #scamdemic. It’s not what they said it was and it’s far from a crisis. Please change the narrative and get this country back on track. He just started to wear a mask. Waiting for him to set another example. Him getting the virus, end up in the hospital on a ventilator, the great nurses saving him and realize how real all this is. Then he can convince the rest of the country. We have a country full of stupid people. That drive around wearing mask in their cars by themselves. They want you to wear a mask to walk from the door of a restaurant to your seat. The country is being lied to. These mask do nothing. Must say, didn’t know how to feel at first when I heard it on radio. I was glad you wore one to the hospital to protect the patients. You actually looked so badass, especially the photo with the military following you. The corrupt and evil have to be scared to death right now. Love your sense of humor, they fall for it everytime!