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Our President never forgets the wounded and fallen God bless him for it. Let’s all pray fervently for these two wounded Officers.  a right wing protestor killed two police in Oakland and the president didn’t even mention the killings because the shooter shared his ideology.

  • What a lot of snowflakes on here today. If President Trump and the Republicans upset you so much….why do you read these posts? Better for you to go and find a nice safe place with Sleepy Joe in his basement !
  • and the fires thru out the West is because of poor fire management what a crock this guy is the biggest ignoramous ever Trumpsters exact words on the new this am what a joke this guy is proven false if you listen to entire speech. And not just a sound byte from the left. To further ur brainwashing
  •  he was reported to be a Boogaloo militia member , they often refer to themselves as libertarian and are far right and anti government , no way do they relate to conservative views and are as looney as the far left

Biden and Trump condemns the attacks for two different reasons Donald would condemn it either way but Biden wouldn’t condemn if he thought it would hurt his chances That’s the difference!!

please tell me when was the last time you did sometime in support of our great nation. I served 38 years and your statement come from a person who must be ingot of politics. I served 8 president and did not speak one bad word of any of them for respect of the office. Maybe you need to do something to make America Great by showing respect not hate. God Bless

Ot does not take a genius to know fallen rotted trees and lots of dried fallen leaves that are never cleaned up a small spark can cause the widespread fires we are seeing.My brother was in the logging business and saw the danger of all the fallen dead trees.Not a crock and not climate change as Democrats claim.

The Most Important Shot In Golf Is The Next One Poster

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