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I have wondered this as well but like someone has already pointed out, many schools are YR because of space. My coworkers and I were talking about it today and just saying that we like to plan and we just want to know what’s happening. We are on a modified year round to match the community colleges. Our calendar is going to be thrown off too since teachers are supposed to report July 29 and students starting August 4th. I am starting to doubt that’s happening… Trust me, camp directors and camp staff are anxious as well! I’ve been a camp counselor for almost 20 years. I LIVED to go to camp each summer growing up. Camp is very tiring on me physically now…but I still love it because of the kids! I have heard lots of things through the camp community. One thing I have heard would be no out of camp trips. I think large camps are going to have a hard time. Any camp that uses a lot of international staff is going to have a hard time getting them here. Give your child’s camp as much grace as you can. It is a scary time for these small businesses.  esus is King. Not Roy Cooper. You can science and data and laud Man for saving lives. Good luck with that. Denying God HIS DUE praise for His mercy and grace subjects one to cursing, not blessing. So, please, give God the credit. Man is a wretch, like this evil to persist with home arrest. April 30th was a date projected based upon 2.2 million dead. False numbers. False models. Maybe just outright lies. Our civilization has been sold a bill of goods. Many have repented and sought God’s grace, even for you. So, if you are all about data and science, then you, too, will die. Someday. Start with prayer. Seek His face.