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The Supremes Elena Sandra Ruth Sonia mug

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Let me make a spin of controversy with a question: why do we need police when we have the 2nd amendment to protect ourselves? If our police are human and are bias out of human nature? Why can’t we just be our own police and protect like we used to be? All bureaucracies are nearly impossible to hold to account, this is only a small part of the problem. This is not really as simple as the author connotes. Police officers put their lives on the line every day to protect us. Doctors and Lawyers that have malpractice insurance do not put their lives on the line every day as a matter of regular practice. Also, the very nature of the job of policing renders itself to many more lawsuits than other professions. With that said, I do agree with eliminating the judicial created qualified immunity and replacing it with insurance that the cities and states would be required to carry for their officers. Let the free market of insurance carriers and clients identify what is covered and what is not covered. But be aware that if it is too simple to get actual judgments against cops, we wont have any cops… I mean, who the hell is going to sign up for that job… lower middle class wages and endless lawsuits while they put their lives on the line every day.

Police do not get immunity. If they did the officers that were responsable for the mans death would not have been arrested. And the perpetrators should be required to have insurance in case they are the instigator that either harms others or themselves. Much of the reasons for qualified immunity as well as the risk officers face could be mitigated by simply eliminating the war on drugs and the idea that people simply in possession of weapons is in itself a crime. You should not need that. Government should be able to get rid of the small number of police who cause most of the problems. The problem is union contracts which prevent people from being fired.