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The Yorkshire Terrier dog Christmas face mask

The Yorkshire Terrier dog Christmas face mask 1

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My Italian friend just posted a photo near Sorrento where they are on vacation at a family home. She said when I am back in Italy we will sit in the garden and enjoy tomatoes and mozzarella. I was missing Italy so much and after reading this it brought me back to my first time visiting Positano with my friend’s husband driving deftly along the coast and me soaking in all its wonders. Keeps my travel dreams alive! Our cruise ship stopped in Naples for the day. Inspired by the movie “Under the Tuscan Sun,” I took a ferry to beautiful Positano. I spent a couple of hours wandering around before taking a ferry to Sorrento, where I heard Pinocchio originated. Spent a short time there before catching a bus to Pompeii. As a geology lover, I LOVED it! After being awed, I took another bus and arrived back in Naples for more scrumptious food (and adequate entertainment) on board the ship.  What memories this brings back! I’ve always stayed in Sorrento and taken the ferry to Capri when in Italia. Lunch on the terrace of the Grand Hotel Quisisana, then on to the boat to the Blue Grotto. My first time entering the Blue Grotto (as directed, lying down in the dinghy, hands over head!) was a mind-bending experience. I can’t wait to “Torna a Sorrento”!, e Capri. One of my favorite memories of Sorrento is being in town on a Friday evening seeing all of the families walking arm in arm on the promenade in the main shopping district. It was just delightful.