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They don’t know that we know they know we know face mask

They don't know that we know they know we know face mask 0

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Pamela Keltner I honestly don’t know if he does anymore or not it was on the local news right after one of his commercial ran about wearing masks. As for being surrounded by a bunch of white people not wearing masks that doesn’t surprise me either. Unfortunately there are people on both sides of the political fence not wearing masks and not just white people. Why don’t Democrats argue about wear masks and there is a racial divide. Half of my children’s school have chosen virtual learning and very few are white. I couldn’t tell you why anyone doesn’t wear a masks other than lack of respect for people around them. I was replying to the comment about white people not wearing masks and I said it wasn’t just white people not wearing them. Our governor went to NC recently for a large campaign rally for Forest and didn’t wear a mask even though he sits behind a podium twice a week and begs the few hold-outs in our state (mostly his base) to wear them and avoid large parties. It’s so bad here, he told parents in the last press conference to avoid seeing their kids away at state universities for a good while. He’s catching hell here for his actions in NC. As he should be. Its a total shit-show here and it stems from lack of leadership. Looks like MS dodo birds and NC dodo birds have similar feathers and flock together. Tate was there at this same event. I tell you all the time, I think we are the same person. I don’t think there’s anything you post (bad words, blunt truths and the challenge but all-consuming joy of raising a person with special needs) that I don’t relate to completely. You, Educated Debutante, are 80% of the reason I stay on Facebook!