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We spent 3 weeks in Italy this past Sept into October. We hired a driver with a guide to take us on our journey along the Amalfi coast. It was spectacular. I agree, outside of shopping and drooling over the views, there’s not much to do there. But none the less, a must see when in Italy. And don’t forget your bottle, or bottles, of Limoncello! We loved Naples and the Amalfi coast. We hired a private guide. Picked us up at the hotel and brought us back that evening. Best decision ever! And we visited the little towns you mention. We rented a car in Rome and drove here…surviving the hairpin turns as we climbed the mountainous road to Montepertuso. We spent 5 GLORIOUS days there!! Our B&B overlooked the Mediterranean. One day we walked the 1,000 steps down the mountain to Positano below. We walked past small cottages, each with their vegetable gardens, and past an olive orchard! Bellissima!!! I could write a book! (Maybe I will!) This brings back one of our most vivid travel memories. In 1999, we also stayed a few days in Sorrento. A coworker had told us that it was the best place for a jumping-off point to see Pompeii. One day, we decided to hop on one of the cheap public buses for a ride down the Amalfi Coast. But my wife is very prone to motion sickness, and the curvy road did a number on her. Halfway down the coast, she was saying “Please! Get me off of this bus!” But, of course, I couldn’t. Arriving in Amalfi, she stumbled off, and sat on the closest bench to recover. Somehow, she’d managed not to vomit, but she was feeling miserable. She must have still been looking green when she walked into a pharmacy in Amalfi. The pharmacist handed her a package of motion-sickness pills without her having to say a word. We still laugh about it.