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I was overcome with awe and cried when I saw this at the Belvedere in 2012. I did not realize it was a big painting and to see something in person that I’ve only seen in postcards, scarves, memorabilia, etc till then was pure joy. I enjoy your view about tourism helping us understand the world better. We do need to broaden our perspectives. But I therefore find it surprising that you Best of England book, for example, covers only what the trade calls the ‘milk run’ destinations – London, Bath, Cotswolds, York, Lake District. What on Earth is Edinburgh doing in there? That won’t please the Scots?
Where are the fascinating industrial locations like Ironbridge, Saltaire, Cornwall’s mines … or coastal centres such as Plymouth, Liverpool and Tyneside. You present England as a kind of Ruritania. It confirms many American’s ideas of a century ago. I had an art history teacher who told us you can’t really “see” the Mona Lisa any more. It’s all layered over with our pop culture milk commercials, dada reimaginings, tshirts, tote bags, and so on. You don’t see it with fresh eyes: a woman with intelligent eyes and a smile before the world projected every meaning it wanted into it.
It’s become hard to see The Kiss and not see my 10th grade notebook, posters, umbrellas, and everything but the actual art. Your description brought it back: the balance, the texture, the play of tenderness and passion. Thank you. I love this painting so much that I was thrilled to find this “inspired by” version in handpainted tiles by a talented local artist while visiting Gaudi’s Barcelona. It was a bear lugging around the rest of my trip, but it’s my favorite souvenir. Thank you for this. My daughter loves to teach her Grade 1 students about art so she can definitely use this. And my son and my daughter’s versions of this painting are hanging on our wall.