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This Is My Horror Movie Watching Blanket

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Stayed here in the 80’s for 2 weeks as a Christmas present. Love this hotel. Cant afford this resort anymore but we always go to the restaurants here. As a kid my family used to stay here every year. Gorgeous place. Glad to see that it is still around. Wonderful memories!

  • Thank you Pastor Laurie, your family, the church for all you do to bring HARVEST to us every year, it fills my heart and soul to see so many every night come to Jesus. Just like many years ago when my little boy at 5 yrs old ran down the stadium steps to the field and asked Jesus into his life. Side Note: He picked the biggest man from the church to run up to, it was beautiful.
  • Good morning yay praise God we’ve been praying for all those that watch to receive Christ as your lord and savior thank you Greg Laurie for the man you are to serve the Lord in and out of season we will see you tonight with newcomers amen
  •  Heaven is rejoicing at those who accepted Jesus as their Savior. Prayers for many more to take that most important step and come to Jesus. Thank you Greg Laurie for your dedication to giving the message to all who will hear.

Good morning praise God every day would love to be there Pastor Laurie if it’s on television I’ll be watching God bless you and your family be safe. I watched it twice! Once by myself and then again with my husband! Very well put together! Thanking the Lord for people like you all to spread the word! Now we all need to be like Jesus and spread more of the words from the greatest book on earth

to all of those saying numbers aren’t important I beg to differ with you… (and to those saying a person can’t be saved just by praying a “prayer” …. well NUMBERS were important enough that at pentecost they were mentioned… “over 3000 were saved”…. and the sinners prayer is something just to help the new believer have a “model” to know how to ask jesus into their hearts… just like when jesus said on the sermon on the mount “pray like this”…. so maybe stop being so judgmental and just be thrilled that over 4400 people so far have come to faith believing in jesus .. I cant wait to see the numbers rise

This Is My Horror Movie Watching Blanket