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This Is My Horror Movie Watching Blanket

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No shark film will ever have the suspense and shock factor that jaws has. These new shark films are awful why do they keep churning out rubbish all the time just give up already sharks aren’t even scary boring. Climate change created super smart and aggressive sharks. It’s an injustice of the universe that the writers of this garbage probably live in mansions.

  • I can tell totally cheese coming just like part 2 .. you can tell the best parts are in the trailer and that’s not saying much. I hope im wrong because a bull shark story would be cool. Lay off the great whites for once.
  • Loved the first one but after the climate change line I wont bother with this one. Just a other SJW movie, when will you learn. Can’t find information on exactly where this was filmed besides “South Africa”. No other location info available? Just curious. If it was a lot of CGI, good job. The scenery was beautiful.
  • The 1st one was so bad i never saw the 2nd and by looking at this shitty trailer i will never see the 3rd. Please stop making shitty movies about one of my favourite animals. Don’t you hate how you can watch a horror trailer and already know who’s going to die and at what point in the film.

They shouldn’t have showed so much of the monster in the trailer, and teased it a bit more so we would need to watch the movie to find out what it actually looks like. Horror movies would have less horror if the people moved out when they found out the place was haunted

This is why Hollywood keeps on remaking and rebooting movies because people have a negative attitude towards original movies…it’s not yet out and you’re already hating on it. Just coz they showed the monster doesn’t mean you saw the whole movie.

It’s not a remake and not part 25 of something.. a new movie idea from someone finally.. I would give it a watch. Finally, a horror film for boomers! “See, kids, them smartphones and iPads are bad fer ya”

Definitely looks like it’s worth a watch. Kind of gives me a Conjuring meets Signs type of vibes. Looking forward to seeing it. So basically one part Slender Man,one part Child’s play,one part They Live but instead of glasses you see the creatures with a cellphone

This Is My Horror Movie Watching Blanket