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While Oregon has seamed insignificant in terms of mattering politically(ie: our electoral college votes) and most people across the US not even knowing how to pronounce our name, we can not thank you enough for keeping the world informed of just how big our SWAMP is! There are many of us in the silent majority here in Oregon that respect America and all those who died for our Freedom!

  • This is the reality out there and a lot, I mean a whole bunch of people want to keep their heads down and ignore it ! Why? Does it make you feel safer? Some even indorse it! Why? When has taking a life because of who someone is voting for became alright? That means every Trump supporter should arm themselves. Of course. And if we start shooting Biden supporters it’s all good just the same. Rite! And guess what? We have created the agenda the left has been waiting for, hoping for. And a bunch of people will die. And all the politicians on the left will celebrate!
  • Just remember who is running with Biden, what’s her name chameleon, says riots or not going to stop now they are going to go on and on. So that tells where the Democratic Party stands.
  • Lying Biden is at it again. He’s speaking right now. I am so sick of the lying dems! They blame Trump for what they are guilty of. Biden is saying everything Trump has been saying for 4 years. His speech writer is copying everything Trump has been saying like it’s Biden’s idea while demonizing President Trump. Give me a break! He’s blaming Trump for all the riots the dems have created and encouraged!

 Where were Bidens condolences to the family of the man shot RIP. This is so upsetting. F$%# Biden. President Trump its time to clean house. You’ve given them democratic states plenty of time. Enough is Enough.

We all need to rise up and pray for our president, pray for his family his children and his wife and everyone that is around him . We are blessed to have him leading us at this time.

Unfortunately too late to pray for Mr Bishop but pray for his family and that the eyes of the Democrat voters will be open. They are not gonna like it when they meet the end of their game! This has gone way to far and must be stopped. Prayers for his family!

This Is My Horror Movie Watching Blanket