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Hence the Defund the Police initiative. They have no business responding to mental illness calls. It is way beyond their scope of practice. This is one of the pushes where the specific funds will be retracted. I am so sorry for your loss, and hope and pray that his death won’t be in vain, and that you will all fight for his justice and for those going forward, as to prevent armed humans from entering a mental situation. I am so very sorry for your loss. I so wish things had had a better ending. I pray he is in heaven looking down on u all. Prayers and love for.u all. This is exactly what People are Protesting.Its not about just Black Lives Matter it’s also about All Lives Matter, and the Police must be held accountable especially for a tragic shooting such as what happened to this Veteran Marine. I Pray for His Family it is so Sad . Their is absolutely no justification for anyone to be shot 17 times. Those cops should be arrested and charged with a cold blooded murder. I Pray that Justice does Prevail.

My deepest condolences…Prayers for you his wife/kids and your extended family..may God give you comfort and strength thru this tragedy…what happened to him was a down right murder (in my eyes)… keep pushing for justice…God Bless you and yours. Sorry for the loss of your brother and my Condolences to your family, God Bless you and your family. They should be in jail for killing your brother. Thank you for your service and rest in peace.