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Time spent with books and cats is never wasted poster

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The Democrats planned to impeach even before you took the oath of office. Take the high road and do not lower yourself to their game. Let them implode. Look ahead and do what is right for our country, and please do not fall into the trap of name calling and snide comments – it just increases the discord between the parties.

  • Thank you for being strong Mr President. Thank you for enduring all their childish attacks. You are appointed and annointed for a time such as this by the Most High and nothing they try to do will change that. God is your strength.
  • While I am very happy this is over and you were acquitted, I am begging you to take the high road and be humble. Gloating about this will not serve you well. Mr. President. Now you can focus on your next 4 years as president! Give Nancy some scotch tape so she can tape back together a great speach
  • Talking to foreign leader about Biden may not have been an impeachable thing but it really isn’t something you should be doing. I am for you, Mr. President, but I am not happy with your tweets and some of the things you say. You are in what should be the most respectable office in The United States of America. Please be respectable even if others are not. Thank you for what you have accomplished and help us to be proud of our President not for just his accomplishments but for his character also.

Mr President.. we support you! Now .. can Nancy Pelosi be held accountable for her actions in ripping up the State of the Union documents that you gave her??? We sure hope so!!! I am proud you are my President. Continued prayers for you and your family. I wish there was a way to make them replace the money they wasted. Also, I wouldn’t have shook the devil’s hand either. I am so tired of the democratic psycho’s.

I am so embarrassed that Nancy acted like that in front of the world. She should respect her job and her president. She didn’t show the younger kids watching how a grown up should act. I didn’t have an opinion about her before but now I can’t stand her. If she doesn’t like her job why don’t she step down. Ugh!

I will admit I did indeed voted for you and will again. You are a loss canon but you don’t back down that was another reason I voted for you. Don’t back down now go full force! Thank you

Time spent with books and cats is never wasted poster