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For those of us who have had family with diagnosed and undiagnosed mental illness, thank you. My sister was full blown bi-polar. She attempted suicide at least once, was in and out of facilities for since she was 14 and finally passed at age 36. My only comfort is that her tortured soul was finally at peace. My prayers to all who have family members or are ones who experience mental illness.

  • God love you for having the courage and love to tell this story. Each of us carries baggage. Some struggle with the weight of theirs while others appear to glide. Let us each try to lighten the load of another as we build a stairway to our dreams…
  • All of this! My mother just passed away 2 weeks ago from dementia after living a very challenged life with bipolar 1 disorder. My grandmother was blamed, there were no options for treatment at the time, and every day was a struggle with periods of long hospitalizations, bad decisions and suicide attempts. Our relationship was filled with challenges due to poor decision making and she felt ashamed, I felt ashamed and my grandmother felt ashamed. How much more fully could she have loved and lived if the stigma had not been there.

A dear friend has the 5th anniversary of her son’s suicide this month. So very hard. Some times something breaks in us, the chemicals we need for our mental health stop, something traumatic happens and our body’s reaction is different, whatever it is, sometimes we are born with it and sometimes it happens later. Then some never experience the struggle. We never know how much it has taken someone to simply stand every day. Grace, grace, and more grace to us all.

I see you William Kautz. I see the amazing dad that did everything he could and more. I’ve got a young child with neuropsychiatric issues. People treat you soooooo much differently than they would if it was not the brain that was so ill. I’ve had family walk away and tell me I’m a bad mom. I’m not. My son is sick. My daughter is neurotypical. I’m the mom to both

Since the lockdowns began, I have 3 friends who have lost their 20 something children to overdoses and one friend who lost her 26 year old daughter to suicide. There is more than just covid to be concerned about.

To my daughter Never forget that I love you My love for you is forever Wolf fleece blanket

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