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Your show has gotten me Through lockdown, recent diagnosis of breast cancer and treatment and getting covid! We have to dream, have hope, feel adventure and make a plan to explore even if it is through a screen right now! You are amazing!

  • Went to Paris and wanted to go but the museum was closed for renovations. Best thing to happen too because I found the Musee de Rodin instead. Absolutely amazing and I highly recommend it. I was lucky enough to go back a few years later and got to see the Water Lillies. If it wasn’t for Covid I’d go see the traveling exhibit currently at the Chicago Art Museum.
  • When I went to Paris the Rodin museum was closed for renovations, I’m hoping to visit on my next trip (which I am hoping I can take within the next 3-4 years).  I wanted to visit the Palace de Galleria (sp?) which houses incredible fashion exhibits (and, supposedly, holds thousands of pieces of fashion dating back hundreds of years-omg- it would be HEAVEN to be a fly on the wall in there).
  • It was one of my first visits to Paris and I was so bummed when I got there and it was closed. HowEVER, as I’ve always found in Paris, there was a fabulous Keith Haring exhibit right across the street. Fantastic! We also saw the Tim Burton exhibit one time which was simply beyond incredible (planned) and I got to see the Dior exhibit the last time I was there.

It was one of the best days of my life but getting in was really difficult as I flew to Paris by myself for that purpose alone but I didn’t have a ticket!!!!!! OMG-talk about panic! I got up early on a bitterly cold, sunny day and hoofed it over there to line up with visitors from all over the world. We had a raucous time in line. There was another line of fashionistas (who had their advance tickets) but us oldies had a blast waiting and chatting (and freezing!).

 We finally got in and I had made a new friend who was about my age. She was a Parisienne, however, contrary to what people think and say about Parisiennes, she was friendly and kept exclaiming that I reminded her of her American friend who was a photographer for Vogue in NY.

She loved my accent and she kept literally slapping her leg when I spoke! She stayed with me throughout the exhibit which was great because she knew more about Dior’s life and career trajectory than I did. She even talked a guard into letting me go to the restroom (otherwise, I would have had to leave!).

To my loving mother I love you for all the times you picked me up fleece blanket

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