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I totally agree with you. Not once in my 72 years did I ever think about race…I really thought they were models and the company was trying to be diverse. I just thought of the product …rice & syrup not who was pictured on the container! nice to see you and 4 others agree that it was never racists to you but unfortunately to the people who know the history of these products, it is, therefore they want it removed and it should be removed. Also Jenna it’s not overboard if it didn’t make you uncomfortable, you can’t speak on things you don’t feel everyday or experience. Irene Cruz right if someone had forced their ancestors into slavery worked them like animals, forced to cook their meals etc. and put their faces on boxes depicting that awful time in history, bet it wouldn’t be so comforting. none of you are stopping to think that it isn’t about YOU. It’s not about what you as a white person thinks or the connotations or associations you have with this product. If it doesn’t bother YOU, YOU don’t see what the problem is. You haven’t had to live with this stuff your entire life, everywhere you look. It’s subtle, but insidious.
I’d say the marketing campaigns worked quite well if these very images conjure up such deep feelings of comfort and stability, which is exactly what they were designed to do. Does anybody who comment here realise its really vapid to say race never entered your mind. I mean why would it? Its was not your people on the box being exploited to make a sale. I have never bought either due those symbolisms. Thats what you should pay attention to. Why not something neutral? Instead of a logo of some cultural stereotyping house ….servants? Just saying.