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Toronto Maple Leafs Hawaiian shirt

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Maryland, here. We have little of everything. Mountains, beach, cities, farms, and seafood. History of slavery, Abolitionists, national service, racist exploitation. We’re the Ole Line state, fer cryin out loud. I’m part coastal elitist and good ole boy, so’s mosta my folks. But, you’re right, as usual, Trae. We can’t disparage something or someone because they have a twang (otherwise, you talkin like Gomer Pyle woulda turned me off a long time ago). Everybody has things in their own history they’re proud of, rightly, or not proud of, rightly. And, generations back, we have to be able to know what’s right and wrong about that, too. It shouldn’t take that much courage to say it, but it seems like it takes a whole lot to admit it for some. Either that, or they’re ok with a wrong being called a right, and I guess some people are gonna be like that. It takes all kinds. Teamwork makes the Dream Work.

I am 13/16 Swedish and 3/16 English.My Viking ancestors were not invited anywhere.They were very bad visitors.Rape,murder,theft, slavery.They also we’re explorers and traders.They were bodyguards to the Byzantine Emperor’s.Thier women had property rights.They had bathhouses and laundry with hot water.Its why Scandinavians have always been free people.No invader lived long enough to establish themselves.The TV show is very accurate.I am proud to be who I am.Do I keep the old traditions of human sacrifice and say “This is my hertage.Respect it”.No. Willing to switch homes with you–my house in Georgia for yours in New England—when they allow Georgians into New England again–which may be never, the way the Goobernor is mishandling the virus here.