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Trailer Park Boys Way She Goes Boys shirt, tank top, hoodie

Trailer Park Boys Way She Goes Boys shirt

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Democracy is a shitty style of government. It completely disregards individual liberty and is simply tyranny of the majority. The USA is not and never has been a democracy. you don’t even know what economic calculation is. Socialism abolishes the market, by definition. Since there is no market, there are no market prices. Marking your posts as spam. You are trolling and making moronic statements. you and many people out there, have no deep knowledge of economics, social and political science to have a decent conversation about such subjects.
The same goes for religions.
The majority of you, people, the masses, talk about these themes from what they year day after day on television and from what they read on manipulated newspapers; just repeating overheard cliches frases. No. They all use the same excuse even when it’s not true. Chávez was the darling of almost everyone in 2000, and so every new charismatic leader from 1921 on, who raises the flag of illiberal government for the people, left and right. After 2009, the media was *just reporting* how bad, then terrible, then horrifying things got in Venezuela. How mismanagement and extreme corruption became the norm. Chavismo, the following of Chávez fared no better, becoming yet another corrupt, thieving, autocratic and repressive military-civilian mafia. One of the many that turned many recently liberated nations in the Third World into… Third World nations, destroy the middle class because “too foreign” and become the noveau riche, flaunting luxury to shame a Saudi prince, keep the nationalist rhetoric and the AKs in the flag and become clients of some other power, sometimes a former colonial one. Virtually all of those in the name of some “indigenous” variety of Socialism, Nasser had one, Qaddafi had one, Baath in Syria and Iraq had one, Nyerere had one, Chávez yet another. If those are the chances (even if the country does not become fully communist)… we already know well how it goes, in several dozen languages, cultures and climates. It’s a violent, dirty process.