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Trump 2020 face mask

Trump 2020 face mask

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Signing legislation that the previous president didn’t have the intestinal fortitude to do…if that’s a photo op, then keep em coming!! 1st Amendment stuff right here. You shouldn’t have skipped that class in high school. actually it was 10 minutes before the curfew time and those people should have had their little butts on the way out of there to begin with. Personally I think the police should have been a lot more aggressive with them and started moving them out of there sooner. I need to say more, you are a sheep, a slave to the Democrats, Liberal and Progressives, oh, I mean regressive, what are you 12? Educate your self, dumbest sht I’ve read on FB today, but I’m not finished, you might be lower down on the list of dumb and ignorant, I’ll let you know. actually it was members of antifa and and whoever else George Soros was paying to disrupt the peaceful protests. It’s too bad that the people that were protesting peacefully or in a little bit more strong and their stance and not become sheep and played along with the bad folks. Coming from a guy with an anonymous mask as a profile picture want to talk about credibility yeah OK buddy you’re a clown and you’re not even anonymous because I already know who you are Sean Costello you’re a jerk off who works in the mail room at PBS. any time you hold a Bible it’s awesome! God is with him and will continue to be! Praying for this great President! He stands up for Religion constantly and it’s because he’s a man of faith!