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Trumpkin make halloween great again mug

Trumpkin make halloween great again mug

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Jessie Quail Zacche or an asinine thing to say. Every President has those cost when he is President. Thing is Obama overstaffed and cost the American people more. President Trump cut back on staff so it cost the people les. Check it out, the Obama Administration cost the People way more. You are ignorant and just acting on your hate of the President of the United States. Maybe you should stop saying stupid things. and your point being what? That’s just as disgusting the money for the Kennedy center was in the last bill and if I were in her district I’d vote pelosi out just on that but my point is 35 million to save lives but 377 million to redo the west wing shouldn’t that be the other way around? that is 35 million more than Clinton and other Presidents gave to help those victims who have been abused on an island and elsewhere for years! I thank him for trying where others did nothing  if he doesn’t care about people than why did he put a travel ban on China before anyone here ever died from Chinese Flu? And why the heck were Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats so upset that he stoped travel to and from the most infected place on the planet? It seems like anyone encouraging Americans to continuing travel to and from China would be the ones that don’t care about people (Democrats wanted everyone traveling to and from china). Democrats also want COVID infected illegals to travel into the United States undetected so that they can continue the spread of COVID ad well as every other disease that they have been infected with. Trump wants to stop this and make sure they are checked out before entering our great country but sadly he has had to fight tooth and nail just to keep us safe. I say thank God that we finely have a President that puts Americans first.