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Turtle God says you are unique special lovely precious strong chosen poster

Turtle God says you are unique special lovely precious strong chosen poster 1

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What you said…that it felt like you were trying to leave a cult…wow. That rings true. Some are so deeply brainwashed. They won’t just disagree with you. They get so extremely angry. Then they get more angry because they are frustrated because they realize they can’t explain why. Welcome. Believe it when I say I cringe sometimes about the things Trump says but what he does is completely different. No one tells you about the record amount of donations to black universities and colleges. No one says a thing about the human trafficking executive orders he has put in place. The woman he has in important positions. At least with him I see he loves his country, and he believes in the Constitution and the freedoms so we can still be a great country that can change things for the better. I have never heard perfect because we aren’t but I do believe our forefathers set it up so we could get as close to it as possible. I too try very hard to keep negative things out of my life, but right now I feel like we are in the fight of a lifetime for our way of life and freedoms. I wanted to share, in case any of you are interested, that I write articles on Medium in case you feel any of them would help others you know. I have many other articles I will be writing and sharing, but here’s what’s up so far. The cult like mentality is what bothers me the most. I met a lot of my friends on the left when I decided to leave religion and became an atheist. They had me convinced that they were independent thinkers and open to excepting ‘out of the box’ ways of thinking. Then I started to question things when Covid and the Riots started. All most all of my liberal friends have turned on me. They also brag about cutting off their family members. I have lots of conservative friends too and none of them have ever shunned me like this. It really is strange behavior.  Wonderful testimonial. You have spoken the unspoken view of conservatives. The Democrats would vote for a cucumber if it was on a ballot as a Democrat. Sadly, they worship their politicos. as if they were God’s. I will hazard to say that if President Trump were to become like them we would move away from him. Fortunately he is the real deal. One thing is certain never has any previous President accomplished so much in the face of such domestic terrorism.