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He may think he is made of metal but one day he will suffer the consequences of his actions and those so called police officer’s plus army they should also watch out. They times is coming come what may they will all fall. Then let us circulate the incident here and abroad. Very furious. But the bible says that vengeance if for him. Some of us were here in the eighties when the lutwas killed our people.But even their tribes mates paid when their own kony did to them exactly what they did to us and even more! Life life life is but a dream…one second you are alive the next you are dead … We will tell our children about the deeds if this government and all the will ask is how we survived its terror. …buh we will smile and simply say “we bought it down”.
Lets always be ready for death , repent and accept jesus as your personal lord and saviour let him change our ways coz we never know the time…when God takes you… ask that qtn to m7’s police and army Gaju these guys are kiling our brothers and sisters just bcoz they like wat they dont like..loving bobi wine is not aproblem….sad. its funny how people’s joy and happiness is always termed chaos……and perhaps u can’t justify the killing of someone just because he was causing chaos….even a terrorist who has killed thousands first gets a fair trial in court….the idea that whoever doesn’t support M7 should die shows how selfish this Junta is. Rest well soldier it’s the very reason why we need not to rest but do these people realize there will be a time when they are not in power and would they wish all this to happen to their grand children. People power will always remain our power. He finnished his work, but me i am starting to fight for my motherland uganda and our freedom, in God i trust . Brothern we shall be stronger than ever be fore.