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Unapologetically Dope nurse vintage hoodie

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My heart hurts for you! The answer to WHY seems non existent. I join in your prayer …..May God reign on the just and the unjust. Such a beautiful young man. My heart breaks at his loss. I have lost a son too. There is nothing like it. But to think of it being caused by someone for something so essentially so evil and unjust and stupid makes me so furious. You are the second of my friends to have lost a black son in Hawaii. Love to you and your family. I am so sorry, I had no idea Tore passed. My heart hurts so much for you!! He was a very handsome man! This hurts so much I only have one son. And of course I want the world for him. Well Said Stephanie Njoku! Thanks for your heart and bravery. My heart aches for you. I could only imagine. You’re continued in my prayers. Tore’s spirit will forever live on!

I remember this like it was yesterday. Why must our skin color be a threat to so many? Tore was such an awesome your man with a bright Future. So many time we seen even Tores passing and in the passing of so many other young black men. It doesn’t matter your education level, the clothes your wearing, the activities your doing at the time. Your still a threat!

I pray and agree with you that the spirit of racism, fear and injustice are sent back to the pits of hell in which it came. You can not take any more of our sons, fathers, brothers or uncles lives! What?!, my heart bleeds for you and your whole entire family. I had no idea that ur going through a terrible loss, and you still finds it in your heart to pray for us who t front line workers. Oh! My dear ur a remarkable woman. May Tore soul, and the souls of faithfully departed through the mercy of God Rest In Peace. My condolences to ur entire family, remain blessed.