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United States Air Force Flag Eagle face mask

United States Air Force Flag Eagle face mask3

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Biden is a pedophile and rapist, has dementia, is in bed with Communist China, hiding in his basement, lie’ing flip flopping, baby sniffing fraud who got nothing accomplished his whole 47 years in office but destroying jobs and people’s livelihoods. He cannot even remember how many grandchildren he has or that he is running for President he thinks he is running for senate he cannot read his prompter without messing up. He is a joke! He cannot run a nation he cannot even remember how to pull up is depends and needs help not to bite the people in his staff. What a slow learner president in the history of our nation ! It didn’t have to take you this long to embrace the mask. History will judge you very harshly for ignoring the plight of the silent majority in moments of crisis. what’s so great about America right now huh? We are the leader in covid 19 cases and deaths, we are about as divided as it gets, our economy is in the toilet and DJT is deploying military forces against his own people, like a dictator would, we aren’t welcome in most places around the world, there is a travel advisory against visiting us, because it’s too dangerous, so what’s so great about it right now? Yes. All the masked peaceful protesters are Patriotic and all the unmasked cult members at your Tulsa rally were not. When your loosing copy the Biden Patriotic plan. hey guess what? The virus didn’t come to the US via China, it came via Europe, so his stopped flights from China are just lame talking points. Get some real news sources and you’d already know this, in addition, if tRump had worn a mask over a hundred days ago, we wouldn’t have had these stupid anti maskers, which brought about the current bad situation, so your buddy DJT blew it all the way around. Hard pill to swallow, I know, for all you trumper thumpers out there.