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Visit Pemberley they said he won’t be home they said face mask

Visit Pemberley they said he won't be home they said face mask 0

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Wattabout the book about the kid who was dared to eat worms…they made a cartoon about it and his parents helped him do it. It probably seemed harmless. It would have to me…fear factor and everything else out there says it should have been so have compassion. God love him hope a lot of young ones read this Cos it just goes to show how doing stupid things when being egged on by your mates can result in something terrible. Is Miscommunication with this generation from Parents , new generations coming with the new mentality from all technology we have laid around at the reach of her children! They think they know more than adults and believe they know better what is good and what not, that’s why they take their own steps to make a decision!
Most of the time a stupid decision. I cannot believe how cold hearted people are today. All of you people calling him stupid and being mean. Have a heart. I bet every of of you has done something just as bad when you were young. You were just lucky enough to make it through unscathed. If you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t comment. This young was old enough to know not to eat a nasty slug. I feel sorry for his parents. May God’s grace and mercy cover him to deal with his choice. It’s sad his immaturity and lack of judgement caused him harm. Thank you for your comment. I know this family well.i am so saddened by some comments that people make. And very distressing for the family. As if their lives haven’t been turned upside down enough.