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According to reports, late Friday evening the White House quietly cancelled all of Barack Obama’s future campaign events for Hillary Clinton. He’s got no business campaigning for her anyway! He’s probably overdue for another vacation so he can go play golf instead of actually doing his job. The system, called MogIA, uses 20 million data points from online platforms like Google, YouTube, and Twitter to come up with its predictions, according to CNBC. MogIA correctly predicted the past three presidential elections as well as the Democratic and Republican primaries. The nonprofit “Just the Facts” did a quiz on issues that affect voters and found the Trump supporters were more knowledgeable. Trump supporters answered the questions correctly more often than Hillary supporters…Thought we were supposed to be uneducated, deplorable, basement dwelling, taco bowl, bimbos……Hate Monger Hillary was wrong again!

Vote with confidence on the 8th, not before, ignore the Clinton Soros controlled mainstream newsmedia liars and fake pollsters, refuse the touchscreens, retain control of your paper ballots, use an inkpen to prevent erasures, stay alert, observe everything going on in your precinct and neighboring precincts, challenge illegal activity, maintain eye contact with all precinct workers, ensure they know you are watching them, a little fear in their jobs is healthy. Remember, Soros and Hillary are our deadly enemies, to our children, to our future.

Comparing the rallies of Clinton and Trump, my own estimate of true poll numbers at present is Clinton 23%, Trump 61%, Stein 6%, Johnson 5%, and 5% undecided / write-ins. Trump’s will grow, some of Stein’s and Johnson’s move to Trump, and Clinton’s will shrink as Americans wake up to how evil she truly is. The safety of our children shall suddenly gain great significance. It seems the newsmedia is now turning against Hillary and Slick, as they are realizing their own necks are in great danger. Prospects are great for a Donald J Trump landslide victory, and everybody.