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I just want to eat pizza and watch horror movies hoodie

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I hope we can count our our commissioners to lay out a new timeline with stated realistic goals and provide transparent updates on a regular basis. Residents of chowan county have been waiting nearly 40 years for this, and while circumstances may make moving forward now difficult, waiting is easier with honest, factual information and a commitment to making it happen. FINALLY. It’s way past time. exactly! We are getting a new high school a mile down the road from us.. Not only did the frame work triple (1 year from the quote, coming from China, to the tune of another $350k needed to account for the increase) but a few months ago, right after the school was finally dry walled and looking like a school, 3 teenage boys broke into the school and caused $150k in damage… Yes, some will say that they can sue the boys but the oldest is only 19 years old.. That money isn’t coming anytime soon…
Don’t get me started on it though.. As we live only a mile from the school but my kids still wouldn’t be able to attend because we are being zoned out of the new school…
Also, at the end of the day, I can actually almost seeing NCDPI putting all new construction on hold. I really see, after the new rules/guidelines that came out today, show what is needed to open schools , will not be able to happen… I can see the state really rethinking how schooling could be changed and what needs to change… The same scenario is occurring in communities across the nation, including mine—Jackson, Tennessee. A much needed elementary school to replace one that is 70+ years old and incredibly overcrowded has been postponed AGAIN, because county and state tax revenue is in the proverbial COVID toilet.